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"recorded in me bedroom at my old apartmexnt. you can hear the 7am buses slithering by. I used to go to sleep to the flanging car noises. the hiss that we had missed. i really only wanted this to be for me. but my friend said 'i really don't think you can improve on that. so i left it be."

"a song for my babies. children of the earth and such. i wanted to put this on siamese dream but i whimped out. shoulda coulda kinda didn't but i love it anyhow, makes me cry." -BC (PI liner notes)



hungry, hungry again
hungry, hungry again
when will it start to sway
when will it start to almost break you

hungry, hungry again
hungry, hungry again

i'll miss you
i don't wish you hurt
i forgive you
i don't wish you away, away, away

it'll almost break you
almost take you
almost break you
almost break you up


Spring 1992 - Billy's old apartment


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BMI Number  1995921



"You can hear the 7am buses slithering by" (BC- PI liner notes)

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