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"A Howard fave, so you know what that means hand-waving fans" -BC, SP Nexus 2014-04-04

"The once COUGARED arm-waver that was set aside precisely because it reminded us of bands we: hate (?). despise (?), do not admire (?), wish we could share success with (PC). I started slow, but soon Herr Willing was egging on a speed-up. 'What the f#%! do you want from me,' I shouted, smashing my vintage acoustic to bits. Actually that didn't happen, except for the part about Howard wanting every song to be made for aerobics. A compromise was reached: tempo 91. Slow strings over a simmering beat, and charmed melodies de-oxygenating my once virile lungs. Down we went a step, then a whole. 'No,' Howard frowned. 'I liked it higher.' To that I suggested he would be responsible for the onstage defibrillation. 'What do you want from me?' shouted our producer, smashing his walker to the ground; its floor-protective tennis balls scattering. 'I. Can't. Do. This. Any. More!' Actually that didn't happen. Except for the part about him asking me to asphyxiate myself for pop-rock glory. End result: OVERJOYED out of mothballs. But wait, there's more, as I suggested the song might be better suited for future hit makers EX-COPS. 'I'd hold onto this one,' said Jeff, holding Howard's hand as he wept for joy." -BC, 2014-04-20






Song discussed on the official SP site in spring 2014, possibly slated for one of the 2 albums planned for 2015.

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