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"A home demo recorded in my bedroom the day it was written, this one was never supposed to come out. I never really liked it much, but a lot of my friends said it was one of their favorite songs. At the last minute it replaced a song called 'Towers of Rabble,' because I think I liked that one even less." -BC (Guitar World 1/97)



I wish I was blank
I wish I was blank
I wish I could thank
I wish I was blank

I write a letter to you
And there'd be nothing to it
I wouldn't hem and haw
On just how to start it

I wish I was blank
I wish I was blank
I wish I could thank
I wish I was blank

I wish I'd stand up straight
I wish I'd said things different
I wish I'd said nothing
Things would be so perfect
I wish myself to keep
I pray myself to sleep
I wish myself away
I wish I was blank


Fall 1994 - Sadlands (Billy's house)


Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness   (buy [])
Tonight Tonight   (buy [])
The Aeroplane Flies High   (buy [])
Rarities and B-Sides   (buy [])

The Aeroplane Flies High
Billy's Home Demos
Electronic Overload
MCIS Demos I
Mellon Collie Disc Three
Rare Stuff Vol. 2

total: 11 (4 official releases, 7 boots)

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