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Paper & Gun

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You've got your paper and your gun
It keeps you always on the run
It keeps you running all the night
It keeps you looking for a fight

You've got the big man on your side
To all your sins you do confide
It keeps you sleeping through the night
It gives you somewhere safe to hide.

You've been breaking promises like breaking bread
Cutting down your friends so you can get ahead
And I thought I gave enough away for free, but who would believe me?

You've got an army by your side
To over which you do preside
They keep you moving up the ranks
You keep them walking toward the planks

I've got a lump inside my throat
I'll keep my hands inside my coat
I'd love to wring them round your neck
You don't deserve a thing you get


The Cold & Lovely - The Cold & Lovely   (buy [])



The Cold & Lovely song.

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