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Have Faithe, Be Merrie

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“As a thank you for supporting the Smashing Pumpkins Record Club (SPRC) this year, Billy went digging in the vaults and found this beautiful holiday song called “Have Faithe, Be Merrie.” We hope you enjoy it!”



when you wrap your arms 'round christmas
that's when your dreams will all come true
name your star and i'll make mention
that those dreams belong to you
and one day you will come to marry
and we'll stand and watch you proud
we'll think back upon this christmas
and those dreams you spoke about
when you wrap your arms 'round christmas
and the snow is falling right
that's when you'll remember saint nick
and the sleigh he drove all night
he'll bring all your dreams to light
from the north he rides
he's on his way
for every girl and boy
a special toy
a golden joy
we all invite

from the north he rides
he's on his way
for every girl and boy who's not afraid
to hold their dreams in our arms
for a star upon your tree
hang a wreath above the hearth
snuggle up against a warm fire
and let peace reign on this earth
when you wrap your arms 'round christmas
that's when you wrap your arms around me
name a star and we'll sing merry christmas to all your dreams


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Released to SPRC members on 23rd December 2011.

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