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Microwave [Fulflej]

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i don't have a microwave
it's just like i live in a cave
a microwave is what i ain't got
i just use an oven to get my food hot

and you have things that i don't have
you can make fun and you can laugh
have the newest stuff - it's the new style
i guess i'll just have to catch up with y'all in a little while

they say that technology's gone far
but i don't eve have a damn vcr
i don't watch movies on my tv
whatever comes on is what i see

and i don't have a cd component
it's just like i live in a tent
they say tapes do not compare
but they sound good enough so i don't care

you're not the only one
who wants all that's under the sun
with the massive money i'll have
i'll own all you motherfuckers

and i'll just sit back and laugh
at all the motherfucking things that you don't have
talking shit and not doing what you want - what you got to
you'll never ever even in a million years have even one third of the shit i do


FULFLEJ: Wack Ass Tuba Riff   (buy [])
FULFLEJ: The Microwave EP



Fulflej song, featuring James Iha on e-bow guitar.

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