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Cottonwood Symphony

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when they charge
down the street
i won't be around, no
when they come, after me
i won't be found, no
no no, oh-no
theres no more failure to erase
with finger prints upon a glass
lazy river winds
forever roaming far
the sunsets out of reach
The skies i've longed to touch

lazy river roams of cottonwood

unlock the box
the key is yours
the treasures you forgot
are well preserved

lazy river roam
when they take
trouble thee no more

can't this love
without room
be considered home
no no, no no
no cleopatra to escape
oh no
with trinkets found along the road
flow river flow
forever roaming far
the sunsets out of reach
the skies i've longed to touch
lazy river roam of cottonwood

of cottonwood


Teargarden by Kaleidyscope   (buy [])



Vinyl-only track on Teargarden by Kaleidyscope Vol. II: The Solstice Bare.

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