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Make It Happen

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i have no patience
for the sweetest things
take their sweet time

i'm countin' blessings
for steppin' backwards
along my many fault lines

so make it happen
just make it so
i won't know
'cause i've been taken
yes, truly snared
by your green, green eyes

it occurs to remind me
at the end of day
be happy, be solitary grace
but here i go on now
admitting realities
that you can't fathom nor decode

so make it happen
just make it so
i won't know
building castles
i'll keep draggin' my bridge
ain't life a bitch

so simply stated
you are impossible
but it's possible we could get along
we'll fill up the dark pools
with your lunar tides
and my library shuttleing along (?)

so make it happen
just make it so
i won't know
'cause you're a rainbow
i'm your pot of gold
with a blown out soul



Teargarden-era song, first played in November 2009.

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