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(Alternate (Demo) title/lyrics for Rocket)


Alt. Lyrics

bleed in your own light
dream of your own life
i miss me
i miss everything i'm meant to be
come on, come on

'cause when the days return
you find yourself alone
you'll lose a part of her, her heart
then you'll rise

you found yourself
i won't pretend who i am
i'm losing her
through all that you to her

c'mon and die another night
use only what i can
she knew the way to lose to him
but i love what i am

you will find myself alone
to relax and fade away
do you know what's going on
do you want to throw it all away

i shall be free
i shall be free, free
i shall be free
i shall be free
i shall be free of the rocket inside of me

Alt. Titles/Lyrics

Rocket   (normal version)
Rocket (early lyrics)

  Normal Lyrics

Bleed in your own light
Dream of your own life
I miss me
I miss everything I'll never be
And on, and on

I torch my soul to show
The world that I am pure
Deep inside my heart
No more lies

A crown of thorns
An image formed deformed
The mark I've borne
A mark of scorn to you

Consume my love, devour my hate
Only powers my escape
The moon is out, the stars invite
I think I'll leave tonight

So soon I'll find myself alone
To relax and fade away
Do you know what's coming down
Do you know I couldn't stay free?

I shall be free
I shall be free
I shall be free
I shall be free
I shall be free free
Free of those voices inside me
I shall be free
I shall be free

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