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Dead Last S01E08

Individual Member Projects - James Iha

Format DOR Label ID Origin    
TV (unaired) 2001-09-11 n/a US [1]  
Tracks of Interest

1. Dead Last Cues   [1]  
2. Rory Theme   [1]  
3. Scotty Looking   [1]  
4. Dennis Answer   [1]  
5. Hub Cap   [1]  
6. Walk to Mom   [1]  
7. Mom Theme   [1]  
8. Rory Story   [1]  
9. Sheriff Act   [1]  
10. Jane In Swamp   [1]  
11. Rory's Dead   [1]  
12. Poster Out   [1]  




    Score for the 2001 WB show "Dead Last" (wiki), episode 8 "Teen Spirit". The show stars Tyler Labine as a member of a band called The Problem who discover a medallion that allows them to communicate with ghosts- the band members then help resolve the ghosts unfinished business so they can move on. The episode never aired in the US, as it was originally scheduled to air on September 11, 2001. Only 6 of the 13 episodes produced actually aired (in the US) before the series was cancelled by The WB.

    James would later write the score for another series, "Deadbeat" (2014), which also stars Tyler Labine and has a very similar premise (a medium helping ghosts resolve their problems so they can move on).

    Score was co-written/performed with Mary Timony.

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