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Tyson Meade - Tomorrow in Progress

Individual Member Projects - Jimmy Chamberlin

Format DOR Label ID Origin    
CD / (digital) 2014-05-20 Shaking Shanghai US [1] buy []
Tracks of Interest

1. Nihilists Need Love Too   [1]  
2. Dusty Come Up for Air   [1]  
3. Kiss Me Arabia   [1]  
4. Flying Through Our Skins   [1]  
5. Mao Into Madame Mao Into Marvin Gaye   [1]  
6. Chinese Space Station Worker (Ramona's Song)   [1]  
7. Jump Punks   [1]  
8. When We Were   [1]  
9. Winter Boys Cutting the Rug   [1]  
10. Buddy Dash   [1]  




    Solo album by Tyson Meade (former singer of the Chainsaw Kittens and Defenestration), featuring contributions from current SP bassist Nicole Fiorentino, longtime SP drummer Jimmy Chamberlin, Flaming Lips keyboardist Derek Brown, and violin prodigy Haffijy.

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