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Gannin Arnold Project: 5 World Class Drummers

Individual Member Projects - Jimmy Chamberlin

Format DOR Label ID Origin    
2 x DVD 2011-07-08 Drum Channel US [1] buy []
Tracks of Interest

1. Not From Here [Arnold] (w/ all 5 drummers, separately)   [1]  
2. Dropout (w/ Taylor Hawkins & Simon Phillips)   [1]  
3. Get On With It [Arnold] (w/ Jimmy Chamberlin & Gary Novak)   [1]  
1. Proto Cosmos   [1]  
2. Air Blower/Scatter Brain   [1]  
3. Stratus   [1]  
4. True Believers   [1]  
5. Not From Here [Arnold] (all 5, w/ commentary)   [1]  




    "The Gannin Arnold Project: 5-World Class Drummers is one of the most unique, entertaining and educational DVDs to ever be produced. It features Taylor Hawkins, Jimmy Chamberlin, Simon Phillips, Terry Bozzio and Gary Novak, along with Billy Mohler on Guitar/Bass and Tim Landers on Bass. Gannin has the respect of these world class drummers and the music industry for his abilities as a performer and writer. All the drummers play on “Not From Here” and there is a special up close edit of that song showing the overhead and foot on the drummer through the entire tune. The 2 DVD set includes interviews by the drummers and 19 amazing band performances."

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