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A CAMP: Colonia

Individual Member Projects - James Iha

Format DOR Label ID Origin    
CD / LP 2009-02-03 101 Distribution US [1] buy []
Tracks of Interest

1. The Crowning   [1]  
2. Stronger Than Jesus   [1]  
3. Bear on the Beach   [1]  
4. Love Has Left the Room   [1]  
5. Golden Teeth and Silver Medals   [1]  
6. Here Are Many Wild Animals   [1]  
7. Chinatown   [1]  
8. My America   [1]  
9. Eau De Colonia   [1]  
10. I Signed the Line   [1]  
11. It's Not Easy To Be Human   [1]  
12. The Weed Had Got There First   [1]  




  • Second studio album by A Camp, the collaborative side project between The Cardigans lead vocalist Nina Persson and her husband, composer Nathan Larson, along with producer Niclas Frisk, the founding member of Atomic Swing.
  • James Iha contributes electric guitar to the album.

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