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Virgin Adore Promo, 1998 - 1998-??-??
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Interview with the band which was used to promote Adore by Virgin. The questions asked, included on the back of the promo, where as follows:

01. Was a conscious decision made a long time ago to change the sound of the band for this record?

02. It has been siad that some of the tracks on 'Adore' could be likened to 80′s pop, are those influences you would acknowledge readily?

03. James, are your influences similar to the rest of the band's?

04. On 'Adore' would you say that you've discovered a new sound that was never influenced in the first place?

05. The band is very involved with the image it presents in the public, how would you describe your own image visually and musically?

06. Is it as important to have the right image as it is to have the right music?

07. Is there a particular city that you prefer to record in?

08. You don't choose to change the environment then?

09. Would you describe 'Adore' as an album of love songs?

10. Would you describe 'Adore' as a more personal album than the previous ones?

11. Do you each have a personal favourite track from 'Adore'?

12. Is 'The Tale of Dusty and Pistol Pete' a particular favourite then?

13. Billy, do you have a particular favourite?

14. Is that why it's the first track on 'Adore'?

15. Do you feel that 'Adore' as a whole is a very natural progression from 'Mellon Collie'?

16. Who are contemporary influences for the band, and what kinds of things do you feel are influencing you all now?

17. James, D'arcy, what do you listen to?

18. Where do you see the band heading musically in the future?

19. Tell us about the video for 'Ava Adore'?

20. Which track do you see being the biggest hit single from 'Adore'?

21. Are there any artists or producers that you would particularly like to work with in the future?

22. How do you feel 'Adore' is working for you live?

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