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1.2 General newsgroup/list info

The Smashing Pumpkins Usenet newsgroup (, and 
mailing list (Listessa), used to be the main places to discuss the Smashing
Pumpkins online during the mid-late 1990s.  However, Listessa is now defunct,
and usenet use has declined considerably since the popularity of web-based
message board sites took off in the late '90s and early 2000's.  Currently
popular web forums may be found in the "Message Boards" links at

Be warned that not every post/message will be about the band. Topics range from 
lyrical discussions, to new song info, personal SP stories, and even more 
general social interaction.  Try to stay as much on-topic as possible, and if a 
thread develops that you aren't interested in, ignore it - it will die out 
eventually. Complaining about certain threads usually just makes matters worse 
by prolonging them and generating sub-threads.

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