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2.14 Photos/Cover art

Since some people wonder where all those pictures come from in all the 
releases, here's a brief synopsis: 

     SD insert - random pictures found by the graphic artist, not related to
        the band (same goes for Cherub Rock cover) 

     Today cover - D'Arcy's sisters 

     Pisces Iscariot cover (CD) - of continuous debate.  Some say it's James, 
        Courtney Love said it's her with a cherry in her mouth, Billy said
        it's his now-ex wife, Chris, although he may have been referring to
        the necklace picture on the inside liner 

     Bullet with Butterfly Wings insert - from an advertisement in the 1800s
	for some sort of youth potion called, "Brittle's Blood Bitters".

     Zero insert - a Giorgio Armani model (NOT Yelena Yemchuk, the

     Thirty-Three - cover painting=Rasputin, insert=Lenin 

     Adore cover - fashion model Amy Wesson 

     Adore insert- the pictures on the inside of the CD liner were taken while 
        the band was on tour in Poland during the Mellon Collie tour, it is 

     Ava Adore cover - also Amy Wesson

     Perfect single covers - unknown (so far)

     MACHINA/ the machines of God - Artwork is done by Vasily Kafanov. All of 
     his SP related work and others can be found at his official web site:

     Heavy Metal Machine - artwork by Vasily Kafanov

     Stand Inside Your Love - artwork by Vasily Kafanov

     Tarantula single - Paris Hilton

     Zeitgeist - artwork by "Obey Giant" graphic artist Shepard Fairey

     If All Goes Wrong - cover art by Linda Strawberry, who's also sung with
     SP and on Billy's solo tour

     Oceania - photo by Richard Shay of North Shore Sanitary District Tower in
     Highland Park, IL

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