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2.12b Siamese Dream - clean/explicit version, import; US Re-issue

Certain versions of Siamese Dream have the titles listed on the back, while 
others don't.  This is the "clean version", assumed to be produced for large 
chain stores, due to the title "silverfuck".  Aside from the back cover, there 
is no difference. 

There are also differences in the inserts- after the initial pressing, someone 
decided to save money by taking all the photographs, which were on their own 
page in the first pressing, and combining them all onto 2 pages, turning the 
booklet into a foldout, and rendering the handwritten lyrics quite small and 
difficult to read.  Canadian editions of Siamese Dream are ALL the full insert -
with pages for every song.  The repressing included an address for fan club 
info and lyrics- unbeknownst to the 'fan club' person (read 'mail reader') for 
some time- resulting in many returned letters, until every- thing was finally

On November 17, 1999, the Siamese Dream was re-released in the United States 
with the full 20 page booklet, instead of the standard 2 pager.

The Japanese import version contains a bonus track, labelled "Hikari Express". 
This is simply "Pissant", which can be found on Pisces Iscariot.

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