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2.10 Song/album meanings

Discussing the meaning of songs is sometimes an interesting topic, but the band
seem to shy away from explaining them outright.  On 120 Minutes, November '91,
Billy and D'Arcy said the following:

     BC: Um, my songs are really personal...  and... you, it's like I'd have 
         to tell everyone the story that goes behind every song, and I just...
         it's kinda- it seems silly to me that I'd have to say "Well one day I
         was walking down the street, see, and..." [shrug] it doesn't- it
         wouldn't make any difference. I- and I don't- I mean, that's one of
         my problems with the video medium, is- is having to attach symbolism
         and specifics to songs because I think in some ways it's the
         ambiguousness of things that makes people find something in their
         own... life. 
     D:  I sometimes think that... people get more out of a song (BC nods) if 
         they don't know exactly what it's about- you can, you can listen more
         to the music, and that's mostly what we're about is music & emotions
         come from that. 
     BC: Freedom. Freedom of thought. I mean, we're not here to preach or tell 
         you what to think, you know, if- 
     D:  We're here to say 'think for yourself,' you know...

That said, occasionally the band (mostly Billy) will discuss the meaning or
inspiration behind a song (i.e. that For Martha was written for his mother,
who'd died recently). Quotes relevant to specific songs will appear on SPFC's
songlist pages whenever possible, so try checking there.

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