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2.8 Songs sung by other members

While Billy is the primary singer/songwriter for the Pumpkins, a few have been
written and sung by James Iha. Those released under the Pumpkins name are:
A Night Like This, Believe, The Bells, Blew Away, The Boy, Bugg Superstar,
Farewell & Goodnight (1st verse, w/ Billy), Go, ...Said Sadly (w/ guest Nina
Gordon of Veruca Salt), Summer, Take Me Down, and Terrapin. 

James has also sung a few songs live (Boys Don't Cry, Country Girl, I 
Feel You, Kooks, Germans in Leather Pants etc.) He released his first solo
album in February of 1998, titled "Let It Come Down", and in 2012 released
"Look to the Sky". He's also done a number of collaborations with other artists,
sometimes including vocals. Check the discography for much more detail.

Original Pumpkins bassist D'Arcy sang on Daydream (Gish), Dreamin' (TAFH box
set), and in the second verse of Farewell and Goodnight (MCIS), as well as
backup on many other songs. She's also featured in Catherine's "Four Leaf
Clover" and "Punch Me Out", and on a few Fulflej songs. 

Jimmy Chamberlin, the band's original drummer, sang along with D'Arcy in the
second verse of Farewell and Goodnight. He also sang vocals on an outtake
version of Slunk, usually labelled "Chump".

In the Zwan era, a sole song, Number of the Beast, was sung by another member
(Matt Sweeney).

In post-2007 Pumpkins, various other members have contributed backup vocals
to a number of songs, although so far all lead vocals have been performed
by Billy, except for live covers of Kiss' "Black Diamond", sung by drummer
Mike Byrne in 2012.

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