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2.4 Cover songs

Definition: A cover song is one that was originally performed by another artist
and a second band (the cover band) decided to record their impression, or their
own version of the song.

     Songs that have been covered by SP and which appear on official releases
     are as follows (* indicates a live cover): 

     Song Title                Original Artist         Where Found
     ------------------------  ----------------------  ----------------------
     A Night Like This         The Cure                TAFH box set
   * Autumn Leaves             Kosma/Prevert/Mercer    Lyric single (Zwan)
   * Cinnamon Girl             Neil Young              Pisces deluxe reissue
     Clones (We're All)        Alice Cooper            TAFH box set 
     Dancing in the Moonlight  Thin Lizzy              Disarm single (Heart) 
     Destination Unknown       Missing Person          TAFH box set 
     Dreamin'                  Blondie                 TAFH box set
   * Freedom                   Jimi Hendrix            Metro: The Official
                                                        Bootleg Series, Vol.1
     Girl Named Sandoz         The Animals             Peel Sessions, PI
   * Glimpses                  The Yardbirds           TAFH deluxe reissue
   * Godzilla                  Blue Oyster Cult        Gish deluxe reissue
   * I Just Wanna Make Love    Willie Dixon            TAFH deluxe reissue
      to You
     Isolation                 Joy Division            Joy Division Tribute
     Jackie Blue               Ozark Mtn Daredevils    PI, "20 Explosive..."
   * The Joker                 Steve Miller Band       PI deluxe reissue 
     Landslide                 Fleetwood Mac           PI, Disarm (Heart)
   * Money (That's What I Want) Barret Strong          Adore deluxe reissue 
     My Blue Heaven            Whiting/Donaldson       33 single, TAFH box set
   * Night Boat (w/ S. Le Bon) Duran Duran             As Featured on MTV
   * Nobody 'cept You          Bob Dylan               Lyric single (Zwan)
     Never Let Me Down Again   Depeche Mode            Rocket single 
     The Number of the Beast   Iron Maiden             Honestly single (Zwan)
     Rock On                   David Essex             Greatest Hits/Judas O
     Rudolph the Red-Nosed     (traditional)           Kevin & Bean comp. tape 
     Sad Peter Pan             Vic Chestnutt           Sweet Relief II comp
   * Sookie Sookie             Steppenwolf             Gish deluxe reissue
     Soul Power                James Brown             Machina II vinyl
   * Space Oddity              David Bowie             Oceania 3D in NYC
     Terrapin                  Syd Barrett             I Am One 10" vinyl 
     To Love Somebody          The Bee Gees            TheFutureEmbrace (BC solo)
   * Transmission              Joy Division            Adore deluxe reissue (x2),
                                                        As Featured on MTV
   * Venus in Furs             Velvet Underground      PI deluxe reissue
     You're All I've Got       The Cars                TAFH box set 

For a more thorough list of covers (hundreds!), see

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