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1.6a 'Singles' - radio vs CDS/7 inch singles etc.

Most people seem to forget that there is a difference between a radio station's
and a record store's definition of the word "single".  A radio station will 
call anything that's been released for radio play "the new single", regardless 
of whether you can go to your local music store and buy a copy.  Many more 
songs are released to radio stations for airplay than are pressed on CDs that 
you can buy at your local music store.  If you're lucky, have connections, or 
find a cool store, you might be able to buy a radio promo, but it's usually 
only one track. 

Release dates are also different- radio stations are usually allowed to play a 
song several weeks before it is available for purchase on CDS format (if it 
ever is).  Example: on 1995-09-29, radio stations started playing Bullet with
Butterfly Wings, "the new single from SP."  On October 24th, you could go to the
store and buy the BwBW on CDS, with "...Said Sadly" as a B-Side (see 1.5). The
next year, Muzzle was on the radio quite often, and was called "the new single"
even though it was never pressed and sold as a CDS (although it was available as
a promo).  So, if you see a release date, or wonder why the record store doesn't
have "the new single" that they've been playing on the radio, keep this difference
in mind.

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