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1.5 Appropriate Subject lines

Use appropriate subject lines whenever starting a new thread.  It's much easier
to decide whether you want to read "Wanted: Siamese Singles box set" than "Re:
Smashing Pumpkins Digest #342".  Be specific. Also, when using web forums with
multiple "boards", try to use the most appropriate board for your post. If
you're posting about tickets in the general forum when there's one specifically
for tours, it won't be as effective, and your post may be moved or deleted by
the forum moderators.

Also, the use of certain indicators can be quite helpful.  Josh Sherman
suggested the use of "Tan:" (which has now been commonly replaced by "OT:" 
for "Off Topic") to precede any subject that doesn't directly deal with SP (a 
tangent thread), so those who don't wish to read such messages can easily 
identify and skip over them. Some web forums may have an entire "off-topic"
board, or even multiple boards, for non-SP-related discussions.

Other helpful headers:
   FS:  For Sale
   Lyr: New lyrics 
   Req: Request for info, tab, lyrics, etc. (please check the FAQ and web sites
        first, as there is a LOT already out there that's just waiting to be
        found and looked up- it's not hard to find) 
   Tab: Tablature 
   Q:   Question 
   WTB: Wanted To Buy (indicates that you want something) 
   FT:  For trade
   ISO: In search of

Other pre-subject headers can be helpful, such as "Announcement:" (or "ANNC:") 
or "New Site:".  Just be specific in indicating what the message is about.  Do 
NOT use misleading subject lines just to get people to read your post,though- 
messages with subjects like "Free surprise concert at Metro this weekend!" 
or "Billy dies in car accident" that start out with "Now that I got you to read 
this..." usually don't get read much further and usually just tend to piss 
people off.

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