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1.4 General netiquette

First off, read the news.announce.newusers newsgroup, taking special note of
the posts dealing with Usenet and Netiquette.  If you have general questions
after reading these, check in the news.newusers.questions newsgroup.

The following rules apply to both Listessa and the ams-p. Some info here is
specific to each, but all rules are easily applicable to both.

Rules that apply everywhere: 
- Do not post "Make Money Fast" or any of its variants.  Yes, it really is 
illegal (even though some copies say it's not, and even give a legal code to 
refer to), and it's just plain annoying.  Also, do not post "funny forwards"
or chain letters (pretty much anything that says to post it everywhere)
- Do not post advertisements unless they're clearly on-topic and posted ONCE.
See "Advertising on Usenet: How To Do It, How Not To Do It" in, once again,
- Follow the same conventions that everyone else in the forum uses. If everyone 
posts using a certain format, do the same as they do. If you don't, arguments 
will ensue, and you will be killfile'ed, only to never have your posts read 
again by anyone.
- Please *READ* the *ENTIRE* message before responding. Have you misread or 
misinterpreted what someone wrote?
- Not sure that what you wrote is OK to post? Leave the message unsent and come 
back to it in an hour. If, when you re-read it, it's still what you wanted to 
say, then send it. If not, re-work it.
- If there's been a recent announcement, someone's probably already posted it. 
Check the forum to see if the info is already there. If not then post it. If 
it -is- already there, we don't need to see a second copy.
- Avoid bashing new fans (aka "Newbies").  Unless you've been attached to 
Billy's hip since birth, there's someone out there that's known about them 
longer than you have.  Everyone has to start somewhere.  A nice, polite 
reference to the FAQ and appropriate web sites would suffice. :-)

Major no, no's:
Top Posting:
When responding to a message, make sure that you include the person's name (or 
email address) to indicate who you are replying to. Please also copy the part 
of the message that you are replying to (and -only- that part; we don't need 
and entire digest/10 pages in there!) and paste it *above* your response. 
Putting your response above the passage that you are responding to is 
called "Top Posting" and it is very tough to follow when a thread gets large.

The proper way to respond to a post/message:
On January 1, 2000 Vince Horst wrote:
> I love the Smashing Pumpkins.

(Place your reply here)

Any other way of responding will only aggravate people. Imagine this: if 
everyone responded in a different way, for each message, then how the heck 
would anyone understand what others wrote? By the 3rd message, everything would 
be a jumble of incomprehensible words. The purpose of a standard is to make it 
easy for everyone to communicate: use it.

Overall, keep in mind that many people read and post, and that people have
different opinions.  Don't start yelling at someone simply because they don't 
agree with you or have the same tastes and opinions.

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