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1.4 General netiquette

Much has changed since the early days of Usenet, but in general, "netiquette" can
be summed up in 4 words: Don't Be A Dick. Other than that, a few other things of
note that are more specific to Pumpkins-related forums:

Avoid bashing new fans (aka "Newbies").  Unless you've been attached to 
Billy's hip since birth, there's someone out there that's known about them 
longer than you have.  Everyone has to start somewhere.  A nice, polite 
reference to the FAQ and appropriate web sites would suffice.

Avoid bashing former (or current) members. There have been a number of drummers,
bassists, keyboardists, and other members that have recorded and toured under the
Smashing Pumpkins name, and everyone has their favorites and not-so-favorites.
Complaints about members (current or former) are not only rude and unnecessary,
but generally pointless, as lineup changes are not dictated by fans' preferences.

And finally, avoid fan drama. If you don't agree with another fan on some site or
forum, feel free to debate (in a civilized manner, of course) if it's Pumpkins-
related, but if it's personal, please keep it that way (i.e. offline). As stated
above, don't be a dick.

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