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Billy Corgan - Ibanez RG7621 7-String

Billy's Ibanez RG-series (ebay pic)
Billy's Ibanez RG-series (ebay pic)

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This 7-string electric was used during the Adore era.
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Placed on the Pumpkins' official eBay account on 2011/12/22, ending on 2012/01/01 at $2500. The accompanying text read:

1997 Ibanez RG Series 7-String Guitar. Used by Billy Corgan on the Smashing Pumpkins 1998 Adore Tour. It was most notably used on the song Bullet with Butterfly Wings. Videos are available on Youtube of Billy playing the guitar during the Adore Tour. There are several minor scratches due to the touring history of the guitar. Does not affect functionality of the guitar. Serial #F9759238. A hardshell case is included as well as a certificate of authenticity personally signed by Billy Corgan.

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