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Jimmy Chamberlin - Zildjian Cymbals

Jimmy's 2007 kit
Jimmy's 2007 kit

Founded in 17th century Istanbul, Zildjian is one of the oldest companies in the world. One of its rival companies, Sabian, was formed by one of the Zildjian family members after a dispute.
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Jimmy started using Zildjian Cymbals upon his return to the Smashing Pumpkins in 1999. Here are some of the ones he's used:

  • 14" K/Z Dynobeat 14" hi-hats, Z top, K bottom
  • 17" A Custom crash
  • 20" Oriental China Trash
  • 6" A Splash
  • 18" A Custom crash
  • 10" A splash
  • 19" A Custom crash
  • 22" A Custom ride
  • 22" A Custom swish
  • 20" A Sizzle ride
  • 20" A Custom China
Reportedly, a majority of the Zildjians that Jimmy is using are "Z Custom" models which are specifically designed for live performance (see the high hats and ride cymbal in the "Everlasting Gaze" video).

-special thanks to aeckrunch, juha, and junaid-

On Zeitgeist, he switched his crash out for a 22-inch Zildjian Constantinople, his new favorite.

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