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Billy Corgan - Reverend Slingshot "C-Tuned" Prototypes

 Machina 26" Protoype Reverend Slingshot
Machina 26" Protoype Reverend Slingshot in Ridged Aluminum

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Billy had two 26" scale length Reverend prototype hollow-body electric guitars made for him during the Machina era. Here is some information directly from the nice folks at Reverend:

"They are both Slingshot (two Reverend P90 pickups) models, one in "Ridged Aluminum", the other in "Tank Metal" (a rare non-catalog color). These are from the now discontinued "Phenolic Era" Reverends (1997-2006), featuring a semi-hollow body with phenolic top/back, white mahogany center block, and injected molded high impact styrene frame (the white sides).

Both guitars were custom made to Billy's request, with a 26" scale length, and a chamfered forearm edge in lieu of a chrome armrest. Billy was hoping the long scale would be an innovative feature, but other companies began introducing long scale guitars at that same time, and therefore he lost interest in the project as far as it becoming a production model. These are the only two 26" scale Reverends ever made."

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